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Contemporary Living Room Designs Details Description

Let us briefly discuss what is the difference between Contemporary Living Room with, and modern style.

The concept of modern style is more appropriate to say which refers to the design style that was popular in the mid 1900s. Having characteristics, namely having characteristics such as using natural materials, dominant neutral colors, and clean lines and patterns from this interior decoration.

The concept with a modern style follows a strict pattern and seems to have been determined. While contemporary interior design is more flexible, or in other words, contemporary is born by combining various styles and variations.

In five or ten years from now, contemporary interior design will be more likely to have a different look and feel than contemporary design today. That’s because of how fast and fast development is with this contemporary living room.

Meanwhile, the modern living room design style has a more specific look, design and feel compared to contemporary designs that change from time to time, due to the availability of materials, materials, or creative ideas about new design models.

Contemporary living room design style is one of the most widely used and recommended design styles by designers. This contemporary design style is also often identified and equated as a modern concept.

Although the two terms often confuse us, they are misinterpreted to describe the meaning of an interior concept, between contemporary and modern concepts.

Many questions that create confusion, namely the difference between contemporary and modern concepts. Often these two concepts are misinterpreted, even considered as the same and similar styles. In fact, between modern and contemporary, are two different interior concepts.

What is Contemporary Concept

The first time the term “contemporary” in art and design first appeared in the 1970s like a 70s bedroom idea and quickly changed from time to time referring to contemporary designs.

Starting with the idea of combining various styles, gradually this contemporary design developed its own exclusivity.

Contemporary Living Room design also not only combines several elements, and elements of modernism or modern style, but also takes several elements from other concepts such as art deco, futuristic, and many other interior styles according to the wishes of the homeowner.

Characteristics of Contemporary Design

In general, contemporary living room designs use many lines that look neat, sleek, and tend to have contrasting colors. This concept can also be combined with other additional materials, namely the use of silk, velvet, linen or wool on pillows, bed covers, and some other furniture according to your wishes.

Contemporary Living Room With Gray  Color

So, that it can eliminate the impression of stiffness, and look more attractive accents. For example, materials such as steel, chrome, nickel are usually used as hardware, as well as lights and other additional accessories, with a choice of black or light brown which is a prominent accent. Also, avoid using large furniture.

It is highly recommended to use wood furniture that is light in color, or dark in color. Furniture that has a layered shape on a contemporary concept can also look comfortable and soft.

Characteristics of Contemporary Design

In addition to the above factors, the selection of lighting is one of the characteristics and is a really important factor in contemporary concepts. Lighting is used to focus on elements or accent walls or artwork. Floor lamps, track lamps, are usually the most popular choice.

Contemporary Living Room Design Images For Inspiration Images

With the concept described above, we have several references or contemporary-style concepts.

Contemporary Living Room Images

This home has a narrow living room but that didnt stop our Livspace designer from providing ample seating for guests. Vibrant Contemporary Living Space of 6 Photos. Creative and Compact Spaces Full of flair.

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